Research and Development

Ahmet Yar developing its technology with the team successful at creativity and generating ideas, perceiving customer requirements correctly and adopting adding value as a duty, and coming to the forefront in international competition in its sector considers R&D as a part of its strategy. Innovation is the essence of R&D strategy. Our aim for R&D activities is to design and develop products and systems creating a difference in competition, comply with standards, meet today and future requirements, be environmentally friendly and support consumers' comfort.

Quality Systems

Ahmet Yar has a sense of quality by continuously improving process productivity, quality, and reliability, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing costs, developing new production methods, having a sense of continuous improvement, and considering occupational safety and environmental principles.

Energy Saving and Nature Compatibility

Ahmet Yar designs its products to create value for the environment. We consider the environmental impact in all business processes and operations, from the supply process to the product life cycle. We use minimum natural coolant ozone impact, which complies with national and international standards on our products. Both of our manufacturing facilities use renewable energy.

Use and Confidentiality

Use and Confidentiality

Please read this agreement before accessing or using the site carefully. You admit the following conditions and provisions by accessing or using the site. If you don’t wish to be bound by these conditions and provisions, you may not enter the site. www.ahmetyar.com.tr may amend this agreement at any time and these amendments come into force as soon as amended agreement is introduced. You agree to review the agreement periodically to be aware of these amendments and continuing access or using the site means that you agree the amended agreement definitely.

1. General

The user agrees and undertakes that he will not reproduce products in the website, information, any kinds of database, pictures, texts, icons, visual and audio images, video clips, files, website software- codes html code and other codes, etc. designs, catalogues and lists partly or wholly, distribute, process, send by online or other means, compete with Ahmet Yar directly and/or indirectly by these actions or other means.

Any kinds of materials and information on the site;

The whol or some parts of the site cannot be used differently by revising, adding or changing partly.

Registered brand, service, logo, etc. of 3rd parties or organizations, warnings and brackets in the expressions in the site cannot be deleted when quoted.

2. Change of terms of use

ahmetyar.com.tr reserves the right of changing terms of use, making additions or renewing without showing any reasons and prior or further notice. There is current an updated version on these pages. The user agrees that pages are restricted to the current version by use of these pages.

3.About the user information

There are request and reservation forms to be filled up by the users on www.ahmetyar.com.tr site. The users are not entitled to use swear, threat, irritating words and illegal contents and damage legal and personal rights of other parties. Moreover, it is prohibited to use the forms by copying or reproducing as samples. The users are not entitled to sell products or service by use of these pages, advertise for commercial purpose and show similar commercial acts. All use and content rights of www.ahmetyar.com.tr are reserved. Unauthorized use is prohibited by laws.


We respect your confidentiality

We regard protecting your confidentiality while supplying your personal information during processes. Personal information obtained during your visit are kept in strict confidence within the framework of the legal provisions. Keeping this information is a part of our company policy. There may be links to other internet addresses not having these policies on our site.

Collection of personal information

During your visit, network analytical program records the name of your internet provider, site forwarding you to our site, which sections of our site you visit, date of your visit and time of your visit automatically. Our site reviews the preferences of guests via cookie and other active programs (e.g.: JavaScript) and develop our system accordingly. If you wish, you can set your browser to warn you in case of cookie or reject cookies. If you reject cookies, some parts of our site may not function well enough. Personal information will be obtained when you fill up a registration, questionnaire, form or contract other than this.

Use of personal information and intended use

We will use your personal information if necessary and for technical administration of our site, marketing and questionnaires. Your personal information will never be disclosed to the third parties without your consent.


We apply high security protocols to protect your information against access by unauthorized persons for manipulation, loss, damage or another purpose. We are increasing these protocols as the technology advances.

Freedom of choice

We prefer using recorded information in our hotel data to inform you about our campaigns and services or benefiting from your opinions, of course we wish to do it with your consent. If it is not approved by you, you can submit this request to us whenever you want. And we prevent using of your information.


You can refer to our company for any kinds of information, recommendations and complaints about your personal data. If there is wrong information in spite of all our efforts about accuracy and timing, we can correct this information as you request.