Research and Development

Ahmet Yar developing its technology with the team successful at creativity and generating ideas, perceiving customer requirements correctly and adopting adding value as a duty, and coming to the forefront in international competition in its sector considers R&D as a part of its strategy. Innovation is the essence of R&D strategy. Our aim for R&D activities is to design and develop products and systems creating a difference in competition, comply with standards, meet today and future requirements, be environmentally friendly and support consumers' comfort.

Quality Systems

Ahmet Yar has a sense of quality by continuously improving process productivity, quality, and reliability, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing costs, developing new production methods, having a sense of continuous improvement, and considering occupational safety and environmental principles.

Energy Saving and Nature Compatibility

Ahmet Yar designs its products to create value for the environment. We consider the environmental impact in all business processes and operations, from the supply process to the product life cycle. We use minimum natural coolant ozone impact, which complies with national and international standards on our products. Both of our manufacturing facilities use renewable energy.




Ahmet Yar was one of the centres of attraction due to its stand...

One of the most deeply-rooted brands of Turkey in the cooling industry, Ahmet Yar left its mark on the fair with the magnificent stand which it erected in the section E73 in the Hall 16 at Euroshop, which is the most important retail equipment and technologies fair of the world held every third year in Dusseldorf, Germany between 16th and 20th February 2014.

Overall concept of the stand reflected a new trend gourmet store which is Ahmet Yar’s project and which wins recognition not only in Turkey but all over the world.

In the mid section of the stand was situated the specially designed block-type display group gathering together delicatessen, meat, appetisers, bakery products and hot meals. This design enables both consumers and store attendants to enjoy the shopping and service process in the most efficient manner.

Completely transparent Aqua model beverage cooling cabinet which is also a special design and Fish Corner which integrates hundred percent freshness with an elegant appearance by self-producing a sufficient amount of ice for sea food were those products winning great recognition from visitors. Among the special concepts which Ahmet Yar exhibited at the fair were new systems which use the external cold air in the cooler, thus saving energy.

All the foodstuff contained in the displays at Ahmet Yar's stand was especially purchased for the Euroshop from the most quality stores of Germany and displayed in a fresh state during the fair.

Ahmet Yar'ın standında reyonların içinde yer alan gıda ürünlerin tamamı, Euroshop için özel olarak Almanya'nın en kaliteli mağazalarından satın alındı ve fuar boyunca taze olarak sergilendi.

Omur Duztas, a Member of the Board of Directors of Ahmet Yar, provided the following information about the works being performed:

“Euroshop 2014 has been a spring board for us in the true sense of the term. Every one who visited our stand which we had prepared with the utmost care and diligence said that we created one of the most spectacular spaces of the fair. We did not have five minutes to have some rest during Euroshop. We could not almost keep pace with the requests for talks and proposals. Having undersigned significant projects with top-ranking retailing brands in the world and in Europe for many years, Ahmet Yar received requests for store restorations from a number of leading companies as well as orders for new stores from the European market during the fair. Further, we had opportunities to talk with visitors from such developing markets as East Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East and South America as well. Such attention we attracted from all the world over as a Turkish brand made us very proud. In general terms, we observed that other Turkish companies also displayed successful projects and received a great number of visitors during the fair. This further made us happy. We also had a great number of visitors from Turkey as well as from all over the world at Euroshop 2014. We especially received the members of the Turkish Retailers Federation and the representatives of the other leading retailing brands of Turkey at our stand as well. As a result, we will keep working with all our might to further increase our exports and to be a global player in our industry with the energy and momentum which we have won at Euroshop.”