Research and Development

Ahmet Yar developing its technology with the team successful at creativity and generating ideas, perceiving customer requirements correctly and adopting adding value as a duty, and coming to the forefront in international competition in its sector considers R&D as a part of its strategy. Innovation is the essence of R&D strategy. Our aim for R&D activities is to design and develop products and systems creating a difference in competition, comply with standards, meet today and future requirements, be environmentally friendly and support consumers' comfort.

Quality Systems

Ahmet Yar has a sense of quality by continuously improving process productivity, quality, and reliability, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing costs, developing new production methods, having a sense of continuous improvement, and considering occupational safety and environmental principles.

Energy Saving and Nature Compatibility

Ahmet Yar designs its products to create value for the environment. We consider the environmental impact in all business processes and operations, from the supply process to the product life cycle. We use minimum natural coolant ozone impact, which complies with national and international standards on our products. Both of our manufacturing facilities use renewable energy.




Ahmet Yar has participated with its stand in Future Fish Eurasia, ranked among the important trade fairs of the world in aquaculture, which is organised in Izmir.

Having been held for the 7th time this year, the International Sea Food Exports and Processing, Aquaculture and Fishery Technologies Fair met with the participants in the grounds of the Izmir International Fair. Future Fish Eurasia, which increases the number of participants and visitors every year, being introduced in a great many Turkish and foreign media and in the international fairs and exhibitions organised all over the world, keeps making contributions to the development and branding of Turkish sea food industry and in the increase of the consumption and exports of the sea food. The fair was organised with support from the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, the Aegean Exporters’ Unions and the Sea Food Promotion Committee.

Ahmet Yar had the sea food industry meet with the latest cooling technologies through its stand in the Future Fish Eurasia. Omur Duztas, a Member of the Board of Directors of Ahmet Yar, said about participation in the fair as follows:

“Ahmet Yar is the only company capable of manufacturing on key-turn basis in each product range especially in the cooling industry. We are the leader of industry in this field with our production area of fifty thousand square meters. We also keep increasing our exports through our 6 companies abroad. According to the Turkish Exporters Assembly’s (TEA) 2013 Report, we are the 852nd largest exporting company of Turkey. Responses to our products exhibited in this fair so far are very good. Particularly, our Fish Corner product was the most popular product in the fair. Fish Corner self-produces a sufficient amount of ice for sea food, thus combining hundred percent freshness with an elegant appearance. It produces ice in an even, clean and fresh manner and saves energy by automatically shutting off when we do not need it. We have eliminated the cost of carrying ice from the outside to the display area and loss of time in the sea food industry. For the first time, Ahmet Yar has designed this product in the world and exhibited it in Euroshop Fair this year. We have exhibited it here in Turkey for the first time. This is an extremely smart and dynamic product which satisfies all requirements in both production and retailing and restaurant areas in the sea food industry.”